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Kitchen, The Heart of The Home
As the ‘hub of the home’ more time is spent in kitchens nowadays than ever before and investing time into making sure it’s kept up to date so that it can function properly is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners.
A recent survey of 30,000 adults commissioned by AGA Cookshop, found that Brits cook about 72 minutes a day. Despite restaurants, take-aways and modern-day gadgets, the British public will still spend an average of three years of its life cooking.
Is your kitchen a lively, enjoyable and inviting space?
Kitchen design is now evolving at an incredibly fast pace with good designers considering many elements and processes beyond the kitchen cabinetry itself.  Consideration of spatial flow, sightlines, ergonomics and anthropometrics help a kitchen design to be developed around the needs of the user, and if this is allowed to develop without any architectural limitation the design and money saving options can be endless.
It is widely accepted that we all have a certain connection with the architecture in which we reside but it could be argued that the most potent emotional connection comes from the objects and furniture that play an interactive and tactile part in our everyday lives.
The kitchen you own can become the back drop to your home life, a stage that regularly becomes animated by the people and personalities living within the space. The kitchens emotional connection can be deep rooted and subconscious allowing memories to be formed and subsequently triggered by any of our senses.
In sort, kitchen is definitely the heart of the home!

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