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Nothing stays the same in the world of LEDs
Lighting industry becoming increasingly saturated with LED manufacturers. Lighting designers are being tasked to determine the real differences among them and to find the best solution for their applications. Designers are overwhelmed by LED lingo such as efficacy, CCT, CRI, caliper, MacAdam ellipses, and other terms being marketed to define “quality of light”.
Ken Ventry, principal and co-founder of Ken Ventry Lighting Design in NYC, noted that as efficacy of LED systems improve while LED costs drop, many lighting manufacturers are refining their fabrication techniques to build better, more efficient fixtures.
Therefore, lighting designers for the lighting design community should ensure that they meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of even the most demanding projects. To assure uniform color temperature across fixtures,And with design uniformity, the lighting system can be used to create fully complimentary systems for offices, hospitals, museums and educational establishments alongside retail and hospitality environments.
After all, seeing is believing.

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