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This Astonishingly Beautiful Kitchen Designed by Two Designers and a Builder

In Nashville, a home kitchen has become an exemplary design concept brought to life by a couple who’s a designer and a builder. Sarah and Austin Rogers gave this drab nook a modern vibe of wood and white combinations with a little help from Sarah’s design director April Tomlin.

The kitchen features wooden walls and white tones on ceilings, cabinets, and countertops. Black swivel barstools add class to the furnishing, and a framed TV makes it look like a picture frame and a functional appliance. Sarah wants to set the kitchen vibe with California style but with modern warmth. She also aimed to provide tons of functions on the setup with more seating as possible.

With a builder for a husband, everything she conceptualized in the kitchen came to life. Two kitchen islands and a peninsula made it even more enticing a kitchen gallery than a food space. Caesarstone counters, modern faucet and sink from Waterworks, Watermarks Designs, and Rocky Mountain Hardware hardware made all their designs possible.

April Tomlin added that the kitchen is like their usual project concepts. It’s like this coming together of sensibility from Sarah. It’s also a big idea from her that works entirely for the kitchen.

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