Interior Design Trends

Designers Say These Home Décor Trends are Set to Rule 2020’s Design Concepts

Wanting to make your home feel more contemporary? If so, then you want to consider these home decor trends:


It’s all about putting everything in. Can’t decide what to furnish your home? Why not put them all together? As much as it could look cluttered, a little arranging and matching could do design wonders. Introducing more color, mixing prints, and using different textures would do the trick.

Using Bright Color Tones & Bold Prints

Gone were the days of dull walls and laid-back furniture tones. This decade is all about popping up. Interior design in 2020 is all about making an impression on every aspect, and these bright and bold tones do the job.

Laid-back Artwork

Do you have less wall space? Why not lay it back on the surface on top of tables and desks? Laid-back artwork is now a design trend in maximizing home & office spaces.


This year is all about throwbacks. Antiques and copies are becoming a trend this year. If you have any heirloom stocked in the attic, now is the time to bring them down and incorporate them into your interior design.

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