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Take Coziness to the Next Level with this Global-inspired Hangout

San Francisco-based home designer Noz Nozawa created a global-inspired home hangout from various Japanese interiors’ furnishing ideas to midcentury designs. This design aims to encourage everyone to spend some time together with family. It’s also an encouragement to disconnect and relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The furniture was an excellent mix of Japanese and African cultures that blend surprisingly. The fireside area, the abstract fireplace panel resembling farmlands, and the eclectic loveseats all blend astonishingly. The seventies vibe is also refreshing and can invite you for an afternoon relaxation. The inset shelves are excellent storage spaces that add flair to the feel of the room as well.

This room decoration also features elegant yet contemporary-looking Ghanaian-inspired stools, a Berber rug, and a circular seating area. The open spaces alongside almost floor-to-ceiling windows make the room even cozier. Three-dimensional pendant lights look traditional with a modern touch.

It’s an enticing spot for family nights, guest receptions, and even an intimate relax and chill with someone special. Whether you’re on the seat or squatting on the floor, this room design will genuinely bring everyone a great relaxation time.

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