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An Icon Designer’s Great Grand-daughter’s Millennial Home Décor Legacy

This amazing lady may have a flourishing design ancestry on her, but Eliza Crater Harris proves that legacies can upgrade home and interior design. Growing up with the legendary Sister Parish, the infamous White House decorator for Jackie Kennedy, she has learned a lot about home decorations.

Yet, when she worked for Markham Roberts, Sister Parish’s designer acolyte, she found her juice for design. Harris learned how intricate the fantasy world she experienced. She discovered how much talent, hard work, and expertise her grandmother puts in her interior designs. It was until last year that she officially became part of Sister Parish Designs, under her mother, to carry out her family legacy.

Everything about Sister Parish is classic textiles and elegant concepts. However, she reinvented the ideas to become more attractive to the younger generation. Her Chelsea apartment in New York is a living testimony to her reinventions. While the prints were timeless, its appeal brings comfort and appreciation from those who visit her abode.

Everything in her place is reminiscent of her grandmother’s design and her signatures on every furnishing and decor. Like her home design ancestors, she believed that a house doesn’t serve its functions if it isn’t comfortable to live there.

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