Rooms Design

Color Combinations that are Best for 2020

Are you looking for ideas on how to mix and match two paint colors? You can try these color combinations to give any space the pop it needs.

For your living space:

To make your living room or reception area more vibrant and appealing to visitors, here are some excellent color combos:

  • Mahogany & Blush
  • Periwinkle & Pistachio
  • Pearl Pink & Lime
  • Dusty Brown & Green Tea

For your dining & kitchen:

These color combinations, albeit posh, has properties that can accentuate the area’s use and function:

  • Tangerine & Olive
  • Mustard & Sapphire
  • Royal Blue & Orchid
  • Copper & Teal
  • Candy Apple & Lemon

For your workspace:

The stark, serious tones of these color combinations can help focus on work and make the area look more professional.

  • Black & Peach
  • Brick & Teal
  • Aquamarine & Electric Blue
  • Royal Purple & Sea Foam

For your alfresco or covered platform:

Yellow & white or mint green can connect the space to its outdoorsy vibe. Cool colors are a breeze to the eye, and these combinations can give that vibe.

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