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Everybody need some inspirations, Even designers. And in today’s digital world, it quickly became clear how vita it is to have a digital presence. Not everyone will agree with this statement, but the fact is digital media play an important role for designers.

A digital media, just like print magazine, is part of the public relations, marketing or advertising for every designers. And as part of the communication process, no one’s going to read thousand word mission statement, and while one photo can’t possibly reflect the beauty of the design.

The digital media landscape itself is transforming so rapidly that the latest technology cam seem dated overnight. Everyone in the digital media is straining to keep up, regardless the subject matter. The challenge isn’t merely adapting to new digital environment, it’s anticipating how to create something for innovations that don’t even exist yet. And as design creator, the designer must create a timely and timeless design as the old wisdom that happiest people are those who are most flexible and adaptable to change.

As design’s lovers, truth to be told, most of us go online to research, shop or to be inspired. And we get bored easily and have little patience. But one of the best aspects of the digital world, we can find the fresh design ideas and information far more quickly than we can finish any decorating project.

The digital media, as part of the internet itself, is now an essential part of design. But, how we use it that makes a difference. Therefore, we’ve developed DesignersRaum as a design communication media for designers around the globe.

Enjoy, and get inspired!

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