Interior Design Trends

Ten of the Must-See Home Decorating Ideas for 2020

If you’re up to make your house enjoy the 2020 vibes, here are ten design ideas you can incorporate into your home.

Canopy Beds

The throwback of beds with tall posts and canopies may incline some past designs, but they work incredibly with bedroom concepts. They look stylish, plus they also add posh and glamor to the room. Yet, it’s also a considerable addition to the size and dimensions of your bedroom.

Wicker & Rattan Furniture

These furniture styles add warmth and vibrance to any space. Regardless of design, wood tones are becoming essential for a cozy home, and rattan or wicker seats or tables do the magic.

Nature-inclined Designs

Plants and plant-like decors can add some nature vibes to any place. Just don’t turn your house into a forest, and you’ll be fine. Have some windows that let more light in, add some stones or crystals, and you’ll feel the natural vibes.

Home Offices

With the onset of a pandemic, home offices are now trending for use to working from home. You can dedicate a room as an office or look for well-lit and not-so scattered spaces to make it the best for video conferencing or work focus.

Looking at Design Service Options? Here are Five Best Options You Can Choose

Designing your place but don’t know where to start? Here are some design options to revamp your space with beautiful DIY design ideas.

Online Interior Design Services

Like Designer Raum, there are tons of interior design portals, community forums, and service providers you can find online. Take some time to Google them, see their concepts, or ask for design quotes.

Online Home Decorating Apps or Sites

With comprehensive graphic technologies like VR or AR, looking for interior designs is possible with a touch on the app icon. You can use your phone’s camera to capture your room. Afterward, you can make layers to emulate how space would look with pre-defined or DIY decorating ideas.

Visit Your Nearest Furniture Store

If you don’t know any designer, your furniture store will indeed have one. Their furniture displays are also curated with in-house designers, and you can pick their brains by merely browsing through their collections or catalogs.

Learn Interior Design Courses

If any of these aren’t accessible, you can learn interior design yourself. There are tons of online interior design courses that can teach you concepts on arranging furniture best to match spaces, dimensions, and ideas. Plus, it’s an added credential on your shoulders as well.

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